Why Learn Chinese Mandarin language with us either ONLINE LEARNING classes or ONSITE classes in Melbourne.

Ni hao and welcome to KaiXin in Melbourne! KaiXin means ‘HAPPY’ in Chinese Mandarin language and it reflects the happy and relaxed environment we provide in our Chinese Mandarin Classes to the children so that they can enjoy and accelerate their learning capabilities. We deploy various motivating strategies whilst maintaining an effective course structure and discipline in class. While we are based in Melbourne however we also teach Chinese Mandarin language in virtual classes Online for adults and kids . We specialise in teaching Chinese Mandarin language and believe in investing in children’s long term education and hence we optimise their learning using our unique methodologies and our very own books and CDs which are provided with no extra cost.

NOW TEACHING ONLINE CLASSES! Enquire with us if you are interested!


  • Havalah really enjoys her class and all the teaching. Zoe and her last teacher. She used to not like chinese class. Now she really enjoys it!! And willing to read and write and speak. It’s really great!!
  • Coco is miles ahead of Geelong Grammar primary and secondary school kids and that we have run into and her cousins. Also, she interacts with Chinese restaurant staff when we go out. They are impressed!! Many thanks to you and your Kaixin teachers!
  • Ian loves attending his Chinese class and his teacher played a great role for his interest in Chinese. We are very thankful for the joyful learning experience he’s getting! 
  • Ada loves her class, and always look forward to every Saturday. Now with the upcoming school holiday, I have to find some way to keep her occupied! ?
  • Harry has learnt so much and enjoys the classes. Sylvia, the teacher is really patient and caring.
  • This last semester, my daughter has really enjoyed learning and looks forward to come to class every Saturday. At the same time, she has made new friends.  I would like to say thank-you very much for having her.
  • We've been very happy with the lessons. The girls particularly liked the use of games to help them remember characters and words. I've definitely seen their improvement, and our younger child in particular we've gone from it being a struggle to get her to go along to her loving it and being sad to miss lessons.
  • I like to thank you and his teachers for your help and support. He has tremendously benefited by attending Kaixin over the past couple of years.
  • Thank you and thank you to all their teachers. I think learning Mandarin been fantastic for them.
  • The children enjoyed the lessons and are looking forward to the next one. Its a great that you have set up this online course.
  • She will start to learn Mandarin in School from Year 7. I am certain that the great foundation that she has built from your classes will ensure that her performance is strong.   She is sad to leave the class, they are a fantastic group of children and Jane has been excellent in teaching them. Mollie will miss them all.   I would like to thank you for the teaching that Mollie has received over the years, particularly to yourself for developing such a positive learning experience for the kids, and also for seeking and listening to feedback along the way.   We certainly know where to come for any support tuition and I will continue to recommend your program to all interested in learning Mandarin.
  • The online conversation session sound like a fabulous idea. When we told Liam of the idea he was very excited by the concept too. Not speaking any mandarin at all it's really hard for us to support him in this.  As usual I'd like to give you the feedback that Liam gets so much out of his classes and is always really keen to attend. 
  • Thank you for your program and wonderful teachers
  • We are delighted with the content & syllabus of the Mandarin class - it is exactly what we were looking for.  Thanks
  • As someone who doesn't speak another language I've been impressed with how much she's learnt and how much she's enjoyed it.  This morning she did this before breakfast. Just for fun. I literally had no idea she could do characters already.  Thanks for a great 1st semester.  
  • We've really enjoyed the lessons. Thank you for such a great learning experience.
  • Thanks so much for everything. Isaac had a fantastic time learning Mandarin at Kaixin. 
  • I like to take this opportunity to thank you for wonderful years of learning at your school, Cassandra had a wonderful time.  The class comes with equipped resources and highly trained teachers that provided fun filled learning sessions.
    Cass had a fantastic memorable time with your school.
  • Hi Loo See, Thanks again for organizing such a great  Chinese school program. As always, I really appreciate and am impressed with the planning you do to improve the Kaixin service offering.
  • Antonio loves the classes and he looks forward to each class
  • My daughter is thoroughly enjoying the classes and was reciting mandarin to me on the train this morning!
  • My daughter enjoys the lesson very much and looking forward to go every Saturday. ..After one term, she is lot more comfortable speaking in Chinese, also tries to teach her Papa and Nana. - Melanie Wang
  • Both my kids who are now 6 & 7 yrs old have been learning Mandarin at Hawthorn East for 2 years. They love going to their classes every Saturday morning and enjoy the songs, games and fun activities. The teachers are great too. My kids now teach us new words and characters each week so we can learn some Mandarin too!
  • Our 5 year old son has been attending for 6 months and is making excellent progress in vocabulary, singing and has now started writing Chinese characters.. He enjoys the lessons and we are extremely happy with his progress and plan to continue with the tuition.
  • My six year old son asked to learn Mandarin although none of us speak any of the Chinese languages in our family. We really wanted to encourage him so it was really important to us that he have fun and make meaningful progress to keep his interest up. I couldn't be happier. He has now completed 2 terms at KaiXin Chinese Learning Hub. He is so happy to go to classes, they are a real highlight of his week. He can speak quite a few words now and was thrilled to read some characters on a restaurant menu and on a sign in a florist. 
  • My 5 year old son really enjoys his Chinese lessons with KaiXin. The teachers ensure that the classes are educational, fun and inclusive. We are very happy with his progress and enjoyment of the classes. Loo-See is wonderful, answering any queries with speed and is always helpful and friendly.
  • We believe KaiXin learning centre has proven experience to provide an effective approach in teaching kids learning Mandarin. The class is limited into a small class size to give kids a better learning interaction with the teacher. In addition, the kids will still enjoy learning process in effective timely manner since the class is running for 90 minutes. We trust KaiXin can assist our kids to learn Mandarin as their other language in a fun way.
  • Loo-See’s Children’s program is a fun and easy way for my son to learn Mandarin.  The program is very interactive and keeps the children engaged with a combination of play and language, this system keeps my son interested and makes it very easy for him to learn another language.   I would also like to say a big thank you to Vicky who is my son’s teacher.  She is very dedicated, patient and goes above and beyond to ensure that all the children are grasping the concepts and are not falling behind in their comprehension and classes.
  • Dear Loo-See I would like to thank you for your wonderful support for our children learning Mandarin and also extend our thanks to your teaching staff.  Our girls have found the small classes to be very engaging and from our perspective, it is clear that they get good attention and learn each week.  We find the lessons to be well structured and the girls seem to enjoy them. We look forward to seeing you again next term.