loosee-polaroid-ni-haoNi hao! I am Loo See Wong, the founder and owner of KaiXin Chinese Learning Hub. I am a mother of two and like most parents, I believe our Children’s education and safety are of utmost importance.

My passion for getting involved in Children’s Chinese education was rekindled after seeing how my Children struggled with learning Mandarin. Over the past 8 years, I have conducted a vast amount of research regarding Children’s learning abilities, how to optimise their learning and how to motivate them to embrace another language. With numerous observations on how children respond to our program, I have designed and developed over 30 Children books and CDs and continue to develop and drive these teaching tools to ensure its effectiveness.

I am of Chinese ancestry, raised in Malaysia and can speak 5 languages. I completed my Bachelor of Information Technology at University of Christchurch, New Zealand and a Leadership program at University of Michigan. I reside in Australia for over 20 years now. My years in heading up Asia-Pacific operations in Human Resources and Business Operations in one of the top IT international companies, have given me invaluable experiences which I apply, develop and deploy efficient operations in KaiXin Chinese Learning Hub in Melbourne.

Meet Our Teachers

Abby Jiang

Ni hao! I am Abby, Zhiyan Jiang, a native Mandarin and Cantonese speaker from Guangzhou, China. I second master degree of teaching in Monash University. Before I came to Australia, I was a Mandarin teacher for international employees, who were working in Guangzhou and needed to speak Mandarin in their work. I had students from Japan, Thailand, Britain, Brazil, Canada, etc., and age range from 8 to 55. Respecting to diversity and different values, therefore, I am good at handling multicultural teaching environment, and very professional with a profound teachingpedagogy, also talented at demonstrating and interpreting abstract and difficult concepts into easy-to-understand version. As the study and placement in professional program - Master of Teaching in Monash University, I am assimilating more and more practical theories and creative ideas for my own teaching philosophy. I believe that every student of mine will not only increase their knowledge of Mandarin or language skills, but also learn to be an excellent learner for their bright future.

Amy Yu Wei Zhou

Ni Hao and Hi there! I am Amy, a native Mandarin speaker who is studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education and Science at Monash University. In my first year of university, I received the prize of ‘Higher Achiever’ from the Education Faculty for my enthusiasm and motivation. I came to Melbourne to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher ever since I was in kindergarten. I am fortunate to have encountered all kinds of teachers in my own schooling life and accumulated so much passion about actually teaching as a teacher! I have had some opportunities to complete my education placement in different schools. So now here I am, to grow and develop with my pupils and enjoy learning Mandarin!

Angela Zhang Juan

Ni hao! I am a native Mandarin speaker from Zhuhai, China. I graduated with a Bachelor and Master in Management Science, with a minor in International Marketing, at Macau Science and Technology University. Recently I obtained a Master’s Degree of Information systems at University of Melbourne and currently I am pursuing Advanced Diploma of Translating and interpreting. I have over two years of experience in teaching children from 4 years old of various backgrounds. I have always enjoyed teaching as I am very interested in language, communication and cognitive development.

Candice Xi Wang

Ni hao! I am Candice, a native Mandarin speaker from Wuhan China. I am currently pursuing my Master degree of Teaching in Primary and Secondary Education at Monash University. I am passionate about languages and have had rich teaching experience both in China and Melbourne. For my Mandarin classes I incorporate various games and activities which can not only keep students interested and motivated but also suit their different learning styles. As a friendly and patient teacher, I am good at creating a nurturing environment, where students are encouraged to work to the best of their abilities. I enjoy working with children and helping them to learn and grow is the best feeling!

Carol Shu Kun Han

Ni hao! I am a native Mandarin speaker from Xi’an, China. I am currently undertaking my Bachelor of Science in the University of Melbourne with a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Microeconomics. I spent my last 5 years in Singapore for secondary school, with a minor in Chinese Literature. My language ability in both Chinese and English was largely improved during this period which has resulted in achieving an IELTS score of 7.5 in 2016. I have always loved kids with hands on experience at an internship in China working as a kindergarten teacher assistant and now as an educator at Kaixin. As an educator, I am also influenced and shaped by the kids which I believe makes me a better person. I hope the children in my class can enjoy learning Chinese and share my passion for Chinese culture.

Charlie Yu Xiang Ning

Ni hao! I am a native Mandarin speaker from Nanjing, China. I am currently doing a Bachelor of Psychology in Monash University. I am in my third year of study and I wish to continue to do Master of Teaching when I finish my undergraduate degree. I have been in Melbourne for almost 4 years and have had various experiences in teaching Chinese and English to children from different backgrounds in primary school. I wil try my best to make the class fun so that the students can play and learn at the same time. Seeing my students improve and grow makes me really happy.

Christina Rui Hao

Ni Hao! I am Connie, a native Chinese speaker from Guangzhou, China. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor degree at Monash University. I have been volunteering regularly at Noble Park Primary School for children from non-English speaking background, building their confidence in their book reading skills. I have also been a tutor to students up to VCE level and I enjoy building a strong relationship with my students and encouraging them to continue their venture in Chinese. Every student has the potential to reach their language learning goals and I will do my best to help every student achieve them in a fun and stimulating way. Watching my students grow brings me the greatest joy in the world.

Christina Zhang

Ni Hao! I am Christina Zhang, a native Mandarin speaker from ShenZhen, China. I have lived in Melbourne for 2.5 years. I am currently pursuing Bachelor degree of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Accounting and Literature. I will also continue to study a Master of Teaching (Secondary) in 2018. I am passionate about teaching and delivering Chinese culture. My biggest ambition is to be a good teacher and grow up with my children together. I have been teaching English as a volunteer in Chinese Primary School. I also enjoy writing and have published my own article in Chinese Newspaper and School Journal. In addition, I like to participate various voluntary works with children, such as the mentor work. These valuable experience strengthen my understanding of children as well as my teaching skills. I aim to develop a creative and effective studying method for children. I expect to comprehensively and consistently help student learn Mandarin and the unique Chinese culture. I believe they will enjoy learning Chinese in this fun and relaxed environment.

Coral Shan Gao

Ni hao! My name is Coral Gao. I am a native speak of Mandarin Chinese, grew up in Beijing and completed a Bachelor of Chinese Language and Chinese Literature in Nanjing before moving to Australia to undertake a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics at the University of Melbourne. I have many years of experience speaking English and teaching Mandarin Chinese, and I have a very keen interest in the education sector. I try to make my classes as fun and engaging as possible while making sure students feel safe and comfortable.

Fan Shen

Ni hao! I was born and raised in Xi’an in central China. I have been fortunate enough to have studied in Germany whilst in high school and to have obtained a bachelor of Science with Honours at the University of Liverpool in England. I am currently studying a Masters of Teaching at Monash University.

Gloria Xin Guo

Ni Hao! I’m a native Mandarin speaker from the Shanxi province in China. I have lived in Melbourne for just over two years. I am currently pursuing a Master of Social Work at Monash University. I completed a Master of TESOL in 2016 - 2017 and hold a CELTA certificate in 2017. I have previously taught a mixture of both English and Mandarin in Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Beijing. My motivation to teach Mandarin stems from my personal passion and commitment to teach students about Chinese culture in a way children will find highly interesting and engaging. I believe that by being entertaining and creative, students become effective learners of Mandarin as they can better grasp the nuances of a tonal language such as Mandarin in a fun and relaxing environment.

Heidi Zhao

Ni Hao! I'm Heidi, a native Mandarin speaker from Nanjing, China. I finished my Bachelor of Art design in China and worked for an education center for nearly two years before I came to Melbourne for doing my master degree of Landscape Architect in Melbourne University. During past two decades, I only play two roles in my life - student and teacher. I know exactly how to be a good teacher and how my student feels. And my passion for studying and learning will never fade. Also, I am so proud to introduce my mother language to all kids using Loo See Wong’s method. I am also utilizing my drawing skills to teach my students, helping them remember words easily and interestingly.

Jane Tang Jie

Ni hao! I am a native Chinese speaker that comes from Yunnan, China. I obtained a Bachelor Degree of Finance in China, Master of Education (TESOL) from Monash University and an advanced diploma of Translating in Australia. I have taught Chinese for many years to different age groups from different cultural backgrounds. I love the children and want them to feel positive, confident and comfortable about Chinese learning in my class.

Jessica Zi Yi Yang

Nihao! I am Jessica Yang, and my Chinese name is Ziyi. I am currently studying Bachelor of Arts in the University of Melbourne, and I aim to further study a Masters in Education. I have been teaching special needs children photography for almost two years in China, and I am currently a private English tutor. I am passion for teaching, and I am excited to see you all in the future!

Joy Jing Ling

Ni Hao! I am Joy Ling, a native Mandarin speaker from Jiangsu Province, China. I am currently undertaking my Master degree of Social Work at Monash University. I love working with children and enjoy developing rapport with my pupils. I prefer to create a lively and relaxing learning atmosphere for students involved in my class through fun activities and active encouragement. I used to be a volunteer teacher teaching English at Hongqi Elementary School in Beijing and have gained some effective and successful strategies of achieving a better learning experience for children learning a foreign language. I wish my class would fully engage children to have fun in learning Mandarin and actively communicate in Mandarin.

Lexi Qiang

Ni hao! I am Lexi, a native Mandarin speaker from Shanghai China. Since growing up in the amazing city with the combination of modernization and historical culture, I enjoy spreading Chinese culture through teaching Chinese. Currently, I graduated with Master degree in Business Information Systems at Monash University. I had rich teaching experience as a private tutor to children. In addition, I was a volunteer teacher in a primary school located in the rural area of Guizhou China. Through these previous teaching experiences, I find that an engaging learning environment will facilitate the learning of languages. Interest is the key to picking up new languages, and it is my responsibility to arouse children’s passion for actively participating in continuous Mandarin learning.

Ludovica Can Li

Ni hao! My name is Ludovica. I am from Nanjing, a city full of history, culture and ancient folk-customs. Currently I am enrolled in Monash University studying the Bachelor of Education, majoring in Primary and Secondary education. I have lots of teaching experience from different educational systems in China as well as here in Australia. I believe a good teacher should encourage creative learning a relatively relaxed environment but employ productive teaching strategies to ensure children have an enjoyable experience. Learning a language is not just to speak the language but to know the culture and folk-custom of the country. What I am passionate about is to bring Chinese culture no matter traditional or modern practices to my students as part of their learning process.

Maggie Yi Ai Zhuang

Ni hao! My name is Maggie Zhuang and I am a native Mandarin speaker from Guangdong, China. I am about to finish my diploma degree in Educational Studies at the University of Melbourne and will soon be pursuing a Masters degree in Education next year. I have taught Science subjects to high school students where I apply and integrate textbook knowledge and real-life experiences to promote their interest and assist with their understanding. It is just so interesting and exciting to see them grow and improve. I am a big-time lover of traditional Chinese culture myself and I hope all my students could see the beauty of it, in addition to merely learning the language.

Lulu Li

Ni Hao! I am Lulu Li, a native Mandarin speaker from Shanghai, China. I am currently undertaking my Master degree of teaching at Monash University. I love teaching and am passionate in creating a relaxed and positive classroom atmosphere for my students to learn Mandarin. I also have one year teaching experience in an international school setting. I hope to use my experience and knowledge to provide the children with ranges of opportunities in learning Mandarin at Kaixin.

Michelle Meng Xiao Pan

Ni hao! I am a native Mandarin speaker from Henan, China. I am currently pursuing a second master degree at Monash University. I am undertaking a Master of Teaching course specialised in both primary and secondary education. The course has provided me a lot of opportunities to teach in placements throughout Victoria. I have taught Mandarin to Year 3 and 4 students and also Visual Arts to students of all ages. I am a causal art teacher in an after school program in a Melbourne primary school as well. I believe in teaching creatively and the importance of integrating students’ interests in the learning process. I am also very passionate about teaching and creating a supportive, creative and friendly classroom environment.

Natalie Qiu

Ni hao! I am a native Mandarin speaker from Guangzhou, China. I obtained a Bachelor degree in Commerce at The University of Melbourne. I am currently pursuing a Master of Teaching ( Secondary Education) at Monash University. I am a NATTI accredited Paraprofessional Interpreter (Mandarin and English). I believe that students are more likely to engage in learning Chinese through playing as it can fuel their learning motivation and curiosity. Therefore, I aim to create a supportive, safe and relaxed Chinese learning environment in my classroom. I also try my best to support students’ learning in multicultural environments and help them to gain essential skills to become successful and confident individuals.

Renee Wan Ling Chong

Ni Hao! I am Renee Zhong, a native Mandarin speaker from Chengdu, China. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Education (honors) degree at Monash University. I love working with kids and always trying to create a relaxing and stimulating study environment for my students. I was elected as the International Captain at Presentation College Windsor, where I spent 2 years of my high school life. I was also invited to participate in “2013 High Academic Achiever’s ceremony ” for high achievements in VCE Chinese. I have done several work placements as a pre-service teacher at different schools and year levels in Melbourne, which gave me many thoughts about how to develop the best learning for my students by using various strategies. I hope my students enjoy leaning Chinese and have fun in their learning experience.

Shirley Xie

Ni hao! I am a native Mandarin speaker from Zhejiang, China. I graduated with a Master degree in TESOL at Monash University and am currently undertaking my second Master degree in Teaching (Early years and primary education). I obtained the Certificate of Interpretation Accreditation Test (Advanced Level) and have had various English and Mandarin teaching experiences in China and Melbourne. A have learned a wide range of teaching pedagogies and gained deeper insights into second language teaching and learning.

Su Heng Lin

Ni Hao! I am a native mandarin speaker from Henan province, the middle part of China. I am currently pursuing a master of social policy in the University of Melbourne. I have experience in teaching children and have taught classic or popular Chinese songs with piano or Ukulele while teaching children - who all love learning Mandarin this way. I love teaching in a fun and engaging environment.

Summer Sun Yin

Ni Hao! I am a native mandarin speaker from Jiangxi, China. I obtained a Bachelor degree of Music Teaching and a Master degree of Music Performance in China. I have also obtained another Master degree of Art and Culture Management from the University of Melbourne, as well as a Putonghua Level 2 Proficiency Test Certificate. I taught many children both in China and in Melbourne. I love using diverse and creative activities to motivate children, and to help create a relaxed and fun environment.

Sylvia Lin

Ni hao! My name is Sylvia, a native Chinese speaker from Fuzhou, China. As a Psychology and Sociology major student at University of Melbourne, I am genuinely passionate about interacting with people, especially children. I have tutored a group of children in learning choir music for six years as well as teaching Chinese for primary school students in Thailand. Particularly, I appreciate the uniqueness of kids and encourage each kid to reach his or her potential in a warm and inclusive class environment. Understanding that interest is the best teacher, I aim at developing creative teaching strategies for kids to learn Chinese as well as Chinese cultures.

Trista Qing Nan Li

Ni hao ! I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. Although l am studying nursing and midwifery in Monash University, I have 3 years of Chinese teaching and coaching experience in native English-speaking countries working as a private Mandarin teacher. I am confident in teaching not only in phonetic alphabet, but also phonetic notation. A variety of teaching experiences has enabled me to become an articulate communicator with appreciation for different communication styles required when working with children. I have strong morals and ethics and apply myself with honesty, accountability and reliability. I love combining games as part of learning to excite the interest and curiosity of children. I am comfortable in changing environments and situations whilst ensuring the ability to remain flexible at all times to support my students. I will endeavour to teach your children and help them succeed in bilingual speaking.

Yi Ren Wang

Ni Hao! My name is Yiren Wang. I am a native Mandarin speaker from Harbin, China. I graduated with a Master of Teaching in Early Years Education at Monash University. In my teaching experiences, I have come across many theories about child development and children’s learning, and it has given me opportunities to teach and interact with children of different age groups which prompt me to constantly thinking and improving my teaching practice. I believe children learn more efficiently in a fun and engaging environment, which I will strive to create for those young Mandarin learners in my class.

Yu Fei Pan

Nihao! I am Yu Fei, a native Mandarin and Cantonese speaker from Guangzhou China. I’m currently undertaking the Bachelor of Education and Arts in Monash University. I have completed a number of teaching placements in primary and secondary schools in Australia and China including Keysbroough Secondary College where I taught Chinese and English classes. It was fun and fulfilling for me to see the constant improvement from the students and I am really looking forward to making Kaixin classes more active and building students’ knowledge and confidence as part of this process.

Wei Qi JIang

Ni Hao! My name is Weiqi Jiang. I am a native Mandarin speaker from Guangdong, China. Currently I am studying a Masters of Education at Monash University. I have over three years of Chinese and English teaching experience for children and adults in Canada, China and Australia. With my Eastern and Western teaching practices, I would like to show my students magic we can make in our classroom. I believe language learning can be more interesting when we share our knowledge together.